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Fuel-Testers: List of important news and bulletins issued on E-10 alcohol blend fuels.
E10/E15 are unstable fuel types that rapidly contaminate due to water absorption.
Fuel-Testers provides valuable information and portable fuel testing equipment to help consumers safely manage ethanol-blends of gasoline.
Ethanol alcohol, a renewable reformulated fuel, supports the farming industry and decreases U.S. dependence on foreign fuels.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
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More Details on E15 Waiver

Replacing E10 with E15 simply makes no sense.
"Talking Points"

  • Not a single engine manufacturer currently approves of gas that contains over 10% alcohol.
  • Engine warranties will be invalidated by use of a fuel type not approved by the manufacturer.
  • An increase of 5% ethanol (E15) will increase the instability of gasoline, with a much greater risk for water contamination.
      Water and oil don't mix -Ethanol attracts and absorbs water, causing premature phase separation of gasoline.
  • Since ethanol is also a strong solvent (and degreaser), standard engines and petroleum equipment will experience greater wear-down of parts and useful life of engine/equipment. View engine damage list.
  • E15 will further reduce mpg and increase gasoline cost for all consumers.
  • The EPA has NOT yet performed testing on all gas-powered engines to determine if E15 is safe for use.   Trusting a few, very limited studies completed by the ethanol producers is unacceptable! Decades of research support over 10% ethanol blends of fuel are not appropriate for most engines.
  • Approving E15 now, in anticipation of future vehicles designed and approved to run on higher blends, will simply cause more confusion at the gas pumps.
  • E15 only benefits ethanol producers.  The U.S. needs to reconsider government sponsored "ethanol subsidies and grants"  - An appropriate petroleum replacement for the long term must be able to survive the market on it's own.
  • To meet increasing government quotas and mandates for ethanol, non-farm sources need to be ready (and cost effective) in the market. The U.S. does not have enough corn, grains and farmland to meet increasing ethanol quotas. Non-farm sources include ethanol made from cellulose, garbage, grass and other stock that does not compete with food.
  • We believe there are many other sources of alternative energy on the horizon that will surpass ethanol's usefullness. Our government tax dollars would be better spent in advancing these technologies - E.G. Hydro, wind and solar power, electric vehicles, etc.
  • If you wish to support ethanol, E85 (85% ethanol content) used only in a FFV (Flex Fuel Vehicles) makes much more sense.
  • It is obvious that the waiver submitted for a 5% increase is a last ditch effort by the ethanol producers to push ethanol any way they can, without any consideration for the expense and damage it will cause your typical consumer and conventional engine owner.
Helping consumers to safely manage ethanol blends of fuel.
MLR Solutions
Other Methods to Contact the EPA
Send written comments to:
E-mail: a-and-r-docket@epa.gov.  Fax: (202) 566-1741.
* Include in response - Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0211

EPA contact for Further Information/Questions:
James W. Caldwell, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, Mailcode: 6406J,
Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460;
Telephone: (202) 343-9303;  Fax: (202) 343-2802;  Email: caldwell.jim@epa.gov
Protect Your Right to choose to buy "Non-ethanol (E0) Fuel"
Sign current petition located HERE:  Ethanol-Free Fuel Choice
Email Address:
Phone Number:
I am writing to strongly urge the EPA to deny the petition submitted by ACE, Growth Energy and others requesting a waiver under Clean Air Act Sec. 211(f)(4) to increase allowable ethanol in conventional gasoline blends from E10 (E10) to 15% (E15). Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0211. Agree
List engine(s) year, brand, model type:
A higher E15 blend will cause drivability and performance problems, lower fuel efficiency, increase incidence of gasoline water contamination, prematurely deteriorate engine parts, contribute to failure of emissions & fuel system and decrease the useful life of my gas-powered engines. Agree
Numerous reports and manufacturer publications support 10% is the maximum SAFE allowable content for ethanol in conventional gasoline. E.G. http://www.ethanolrfa.org/resource/warranty/ and http://www.ethanol.org/pdf/contentmgmt/ACE120_Status_07_web.pdf Agree
Publications that advise against use of gas with over 10% ethanol include my engine's owner's manual, warranty statement and (list other reports or articles):
I urge the EPA to protect our right for continued access to non-ethanol gasoline, which often is the most appropriate gas type for older vehicles, marine and recreational vehicles and other engines types not designed for gasahol. Agree
I believe ethanol increase would only be beneficial when sold as E85 flex fuel, an alternative fuel and gasoline replacement, used only in specially designed flex fuel vehicles. Check "Yes" if you agree and support E85. Yes
No, I do not support E85.
I certify that that all information submitted to you, the EPA, in this form is factual and represents my opinion on why allowable content of ethanol should not be increased to 15%. Yes

Form prepared by Fuel-testers Company and made available to our customers and website visitors in an effort to inform the EPA of public opposition to E15.  Completed forms received by fueltesters@yahoo.com will be forwarded directly to the EPA.  Additional comments or support of E15 can be sent directly to the EPA at: E-mail: a-and-r-docket@epa.gov. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------END FORM-----------------------------------------------------------------
Those who purchased gas with over 10% ethanol are well aware of the damage it can cause.
No laws exist that require gas stations to monitor the amount of ethanol added!
Most state inspectors do not even check ethanol content at the yearly station certification.
Ethanol is blended in locally into each and every delivery (every couple of days for a busy station). 
Ethanol blending tax credits (up to 53 cents/gallon in some states) offer a profit motive for over-blending.

We've recently heard about certain locations where 10% ethanol is blended in at the terminal and then the fuel distributor adds another 10% ethanol to profit from government subsidies.

The instability of ethanol blends regarding rapid water contamination will worsen with increase to 15%.

We strongly urge you to test percent ethanol of gasoline before purchase.  Always report contaminated gas to the government office in your state that oversees gas quality (often the Dept. of Agriculture Division of Weights & Measures oversees gas quality).

Several states do not require pump labeling when ethanol is added.
View engine manufacturer ethanol recommendations and warnings.
The EPA notice urges commenters to include data or specific examples in support of their comments in order to aid the Administrator in determining whether to grant or deny the waiver request.

Complete boxes above to list publications and/or additional comments - Include both reputable sources of information and problems ethanol has caused to your engines.

General sources you might include in form above that support 10% is maximum amount of ethanol that is safe include:
1.  Manufacturer Ethanol Fuel Recommendations report by Herman & Associates, the leader in motor fuel regulation: Reports available at Ethanol RFA Org.:  http://www.ethanolrfa.org/resource/warranty/
2. American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) STATUS Reports: (Published yearly from 2006-2009 - Last issue available to public online was in 2007). http://www.ethanol.org/pdf/contentmgmt/ACE120_Status_07_web.pdf

Read Full EPA Notice:  http://www.fueltestkit.com/epa_public_notice_e15_042109.html
Title:  "Notice of Receipt of a Clean Air Act Waiver Application To Increase the Allowable Ethanol Content of Gasoline to 15 Percent; Request for Comment".
----------------------------------------------------------------------START FORM-----------------------------------------------------------------
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E15 Waiver - Update: 
WARNING: E15 is now being sold.
Details: http://www.fuel-testers.com/e15-new-gas-approved.html

Thanks for your support to oppose E15 increase. (EPA deadline for submission was 7/20/09).

On 10/15/10 the EPA issued a (partial) decision which approved the sale of this new gas type (E15), that will contain 15% ethanol, (50% more than allowed by all conventional engine manufacturers!).

Despite the EPA "partial approval" for E15 use only in 2001 and newer on-road vehicles, we expect the confusion at the pump will cause many to mistakenly use this new fuel type containing excess ethanol in engines not approved or designed for it.

READ E15 Waiver Decision and Details posted on EPA government website...
http://www.epa.gov/otaq/regs/fuels/additive/e15/420f10054.htm#2007   Original decision was posted here on 10/15/2010, but has since been removed  (here: http://www.epa.gov/otaq/regs/fuels/additive/e15/e15-waiver-decision.pdf)


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Fuel-Testers Company (MLR Solutions) has been educating and advocating the public & business for past 10 years to help protect their engines (and wallet) from negative consequences E10 and ethanol-blennds of gas may cause...
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Copy of EPA proposed label for new E15 pumps --->

A new fuel type that contain 50% more ethanol than allowed or warranted by conventional engine manufacturers!
Copy of EPA proposed label for new E15 gas pumps
E10 gas, which contains 10% alcohol) is NOT the recommended fuel for many engine types.
E10 gasoline, which contains ethanol alcohol has fewm if any, benefits, but causes problems and expense for many engine owners.
Petition against E15 gas ended in 2010...
Protect Your Right to choose to buy "Non-ethanol (E0) Fuel"
Sign current petition located HERE:  Ethanol-Free Fuel Choice
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