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Dealers/Mechanics/Engine Manufacturers: Fuel Testers offers volume discounts on gasoline ethanol test kits.
Portable ethanol fuel testing kits are a simple solution to protect gas-powered engines from too high alcohol content in gasoline.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
02/2018:  Volume Discounts + Current Specials For Dealers, Resellers, Business, Mechanics, Group Sales.

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Fuel-Testers Reusable Portable 
Ethanol Alcohol Fuel Test Kit
Deluxe Kit Shown: AFTK-D
  • Fuel-Tester, Quik-Check™Solution, copper tester stand, squirt tip dispenser bottle, rubber stopper, and more.

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DELUXE test kit is individually boxed and includes:
Reusable Fuel-Tester with rubber stopper;  Clear squirt dispenser bottle for fuel collection;Re-sealable plastic carry bag; Disposable gloves; Dropper Bottle Quik-Check™ Solution (QCS) 15ml=Approx. 450 drops/tests;  Heavyweight copper tester stand for easy hands-free testing & display;  Detailed instructions in each box;  Printable Precautions and Tips Necessary with E10 Gasoline (available on request).


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Ethanol Alcohol Fuel Test Kits - Special Dealer Discounts
Dealer Discounts
And Specials
A Fuel Test Kit will provide the data you need to keep engines safe from negative side-effects of E10 gasoline. 

When available, we recommend use of ethanol-free (E0) gas, for all specialty and recreational vehicles, especially when gas may be stored in tank for over 1 month.
Deluxe  Alcohol Fuel Test Kit includes Quik-Check solution and tester stand.
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- Current Volume Reseller & Dealer Specials -
Deluxe Test Kit (AFTK-D): Our most popular kit!
Ethanol/Alcohol Fuel Test Kits:
Check gasoline for presence and percent (%) alcohol/ethanol content.
Mechanics/Dealers: Educate your customers about the dangers of excess ethanol in gas, so they can avoid all unnecessary (avoidable) damage.  Request Fuel-Testers Company "E10 Tips & Precautions".

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Fraud Alert: 
Beware of imitations from sellers that are impersonating our Fuel-Testers Company and selling cheap, inaccurate, disposable fuel testers, that they falsely list as manufactured by us -
These cheap replicas have appeared on Ebay, Craigs list and other sites. 

The fraudulent ads include content copied from our websites (copyright infringement), our name, address. email. The fake testers have labels with black ink markings that will wear off after using only a couple of times.  Plus with these fake testers the calibration and results are inaccurate.

Beware of cheap imitations...

Our fuel-testers are made from alcohol-resistant hard plastic, markings are permanent (built into tester without use of ink or cheap adhered label) and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Quik-Check Solution™ is an exclusive product created by Fuel-Testers Company in 2006.
Imitations of our QCS Indicator Solution are ususally just a bottle of cheap food coloring dye, which is inaccurate and will contaminate your fuel system.

All of our distributors that offer our Quik-Check™ Solution, test kits and other original products will be clearly labeled with our company name and information:

Questions, contact us:  Fuel-Testers Company (a division of MLR Solutions) Phone: (631) 505-8819 or (631) 532-9447.

We always offer extra discounts/specials to
engine manufacturers and gasoline retailers + service industries;
Those responsible for managing + correcting the unnecessary problems use of E10 and ethanol blends of gasoline may cause...

We're proud that so many large corporations, (concerned or negatively impacted by rapid transition to E10 gas type over past decade), rely on our test kits and products to prevent and/or fix problems caused by E10 gas type.

Many thousands of large corporations and organizations have been using our products over the years, who like us, are committed to sale and use of only high quality gasoline that meets all ASTM standards and engine requirements.  Assurance that gas types such as E10 fuel contains 10% maximum volume of ethanol alcohol has become challenging due to misguided policies by both our government and the booming ethanol industry.

  • A few, of the thousands of companies using our kits & products include:

Carquest, Costco, Evinrude/BRP, Exxon/Mobil, FORD,  Harley-Davidson, Husqvarna Outdoor Products, Jaguar, Landrover, Maserati, Mercedes, Mercury Marine, NAPA Auto Parts, Nissan, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Polaris, Quik-Trip Gas Retailers, State Government Petroleum Inspectors (DOA Dept. and others), Suzuki, Toro Company, U.S. Coast Guard...


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