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State-by-State E10 Guide
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Manufacturer E10 Information

Fuel Recommendations
Engines that prohibit use of E10

E10 Disadvantages
List -Common engine damage from E10
General Disadvantages
Engine Problems/Damage
E10 Gasoline is NOT Safe for Marine & Boat Engines.
E10 Gas Water Removal Options

Gas Additives and Fuel System Treatment Products

List - Additives alcohol content and water solubility
More Fuel Additive Information and Reviews
HydroburnG® for Phase Separation/Water Removal
Review of Marine Gas Additives
What additives does Fuel-Testers recommend?

Marine and Outboard Engines

E10 Use & Dangers in Marine Engines.
Marine Manufacturer Fuel Recommendations
Alcohol & Water Problems
Boater Warnings
Marine Fuel Test Kit

Independent Fuel Testing Labs

Ethanol Organizations
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Please note our website has been around for many years (2005-onward) and due to time limitations we are sometimes unable to update all information pages. 
Please let us know if any links not working or any other webpage problems.

Fuel testers and kits are the perfect gift for all your friends & business associates that take the best care of their engines.

We are an independent company - All public advocacy projects (E.G. Petitions) and information we provide (online and off-line), plus personal assistance to those who have experienced engine damage or problems with E10 gasoline is solely supported by the sale of portable fuel testing equipment.
To be able to continue these efforts we now (2014) will be accepting voluntary donations, when offered to us. Please send to Paypal by clicking on donation link below. Thank you!

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Fuel Testers Company believes all consumers should be concerned and take action to decrease our dependency on foreign oil imports.
Choose fuel-efficient vehicles and strongly consider switching to a flex fuel or other alternative fuel vehicle.
But, forcing consumers to only have access to ethanol blends (E10 and maybe soon E15), when this is not the conventional gasoline type recommended by your engine manufacturer, is wrong.
SPEAK OUT and PROTECT YOUR RIGHT For Gasoline Choice at the Pumps!

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Sign our Petition - Demand E0 Fuel Choice - Many engines require ethanol-free gasoline...
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