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Ethanol alcohol, a renewable reformulated fuel, supports the farming industry and decreases U.S. dependence on foreign fuels.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
Report abnormal test results and/or problems with ethanol fuels.

Report engine problems with ethanol fuels.
Test Kit Instructions - AFTK:  Gas Alcohol Fuel Testing

Before use, remove yellow plastic probe inside test tube; Probe is included for aircraft use to obtain sample from quick drain valves. (See image below).

Obtain sample of gasoline from tank or gas pump.
(A squirt tip clear dispensor bottle is provided).
- Visualize gas -
Fresh gas appears clear (not cloudy), straw-colored and without any visible sediment or particles.  E85 is lighter, almost colorless.

ADD water to “WATER” level line on tester (test tube).
(Water amount is less than 1 tablespoon, about 8cc).

ADD fuel exactly to the “GAS” line, located in upper portion of tube. 
(Gasoline amount is about 2 tablespoons).

STEP 3A (optional)
ADD 1 drop Quik-Check™ indicator solution (QCS) to
enable easier viewing of separation line.

INSERT rubber stopper and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds.

HOLD upright and let stand until liquid settles.
Usually takes about 2-3 minutes, but may take up to 10 minutes.

LOCATE the gasoline/water separation line and READ the scale.
The marking at level of separation indicates the percentage of alcohol present.

Raised markings are in 5% increments from 0 to 30%. (E0 E5 E10 E15 E20 E25+ E30). 
Removable labels are available on request for reading from 30 to 100%.

Perform testing in a well ventilated area, away from heat, fire and open flame - Gasoline is highly flammable.

Most auto and marine engines can tolerate up to 10% ethanol alcohol in fuel, which is the federal and state legal limit for E10 gasoline. Check your state fuel laws for more information.  Review U.S. Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS).  E15 is now being sold - Beware: 10% is still the maximum amount approved by conventional engine manufacturers!

Warning: Many fuel additives marketed and purchased by consumers contain ethanol and other types of alcohol.
Always check ingredients (MSDS) before adding any type of fuel additive to your fuel tank.


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Test kits can be ordered online, by phone or email.
03/2018:  AFTK INSTRUCTIONS - Fueltester Ethanol Gas Testing.

We recommend testing gasoline at time of purchase, directly from the gas station pump (before fill-up);
Continue to monitor fuel quality from gas tank or fuel lines, at frequent intervals, to detect early signs of gas water contamination and phase separation.

Detailed instructions/literature are included with test kit. 

For easiest viewing of test results we recommend use of Quik-Check solution. Turns only alcohol and water (bottom layer) blue.

Image: * Deluxe Alcohol Fuel Test Kit Code: AFTK-D * Our most popular test kit!

Testing Tips / More information
* Beware of imitations. We are the original and only manufacturer of AFTK-Deluxe AFTK (Alcohol Fuel Test Kit with our exclusive Quik-Check Solution and re-usable tester Daansen model 391S- Lifetime guarantee. Fuel-Testers Company, a division of MLR Solutions.

  • A clear dispenser bottle with squirt tip is included to collect gas directly from gas pump nozzle, and transfer easily to fuel tester without any dripping.
  • Quik-Check Solution, a non-toxic indicator dye solution, is very concentrated. Wash immediately with soap and water to prevent permanent discoloration.
      Wear disposable gloves (1 pair included) when testing, to prevent spillage on your hands.
  • Tester has permanent markings up to 30% built into tester - Will last a lifetime. Removable E100 label is available (by request) for reading up to 100% ethanol. E85 + E100.
  • Yellow probe packaged in tester and screwdriver tip (reversible phillips and flat-head) is used for testing fuel from aircraft engines; Probe is like a key to push up lever/needle valve to drain fuel. Screwdriver can be twisted off and removed; Although not need by most for testing, it does come in handy when you keep tester in glove compartment or with engine, for other use.
  • Clean and dry fuel tester and clear plastic dispenser bottle immediately after use.
E10 gas test with fuel-tester and Quik Check solution (blue) instantly reveals alcohol & water in gas.
Test Results:

Left Fueltester = 0% Ethanol

Right Fueltester = 6% Ethanol

Use Quik-Check (blue) for easier reading.
Complete alcohol fuel test kit includes fuel-tester, collection/dispenser bottle, E10 precautions and more.
Order a fuel test kit to quickly check gasoline for ethanol/alcohol and water.
Fuel Testers supplies the information and testing equipment  you need to protect your engines from ethanol gas problems - Auto, Marine, Aircraft....
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All Orders Include Detailed Testing Instructions +
2 Page Printable "E10 Tips & Precautions", available on request.

Complete Ethanol Test Kits are available with or without our exclusive Quik-Check Indicator Solution.
A division of MLR Solutions  - AFTK Instructions
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Simple & Easy!
Complete kit (shown)
includes everything you need
for quick and accurate testing.
The #1 fuel-tester for aircraft and all other gas types. Portable & reusable - Will last a lifetime.

The #1 fuel-tester for aircraft
and all other gas types.

Model: Daansen 391S shown, without optional copper tester stand.
Quik-Check Solution is very concentrated Just 1 drop will reveal alcohol/water in fuel.
Complete Alcohol Fuel Test Kit AFTK06 includes 6ml QCS and more -Does not include tester stand.
Is the EPA protecting you or the ethanol lobbyists?

BUYER BEWARE:  Over 95% of gasoline sold at public gas pumps now contains ethanol=E10.

E15 gas update: E15 is now being sold in over 10 states.
Most engine manufacturers still do NOT approve of use of this new fuel type.

It's shocking that the EPA would approve of a gasoline type that is not recommended or approved for use by the engine's manufacturers.  Since E15 approved (2010), illegal over-blending of E10 type has worsened.

Ethanol-free is the preferred fuel choice for most specialty engines:
Aircraft, boats, recreational vehicles, lawn equipment and more.

Ethanol-free, "pure-gas" is no longer available at most public pumps - 95% of gas sold is E10 type.
View list for help locating E0 ethanol-free gas pumps.

Sign Petition: Reclaim your right to buy pure-gas that does NOT contain any alcohol.

A Fuel Fest Kit will help you to protect your gas-powered engines
from alcohol blend fuel damage.

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