DELUXE test kit is individually boxed and includes:

  • Reusable Fuel-Tester with rubber stopper;
  • Quik-Checkô Solution (QCS) 15ml/450 drops/tests;
  • Heavyweight copper tester stand for easy hands-free testing/display;
  • Clear squirt tip plastic dispenser bottle for fuel collection and transfer;
  • Re-sealable plastic carry bag; Disposable gloves;
  • Detailed test instructions + Precautions/Tips Necessary with E10 Gas.

Fuel Testers supplies the information and testing equipment  you need to protect your engines from ethanol gas problems - Auto, Marine, Aircraft....
Order a quick and easy alcohol fuel test kit to detect ethanol and/or water in gas and safely manage E10 fuels.
Fuel Testers Company: Ethanol and E10 information - Engine precautions, testing gas quality, manufacturer fuel recommendations and e10 warnings, gas pump labeling, fuel additives, water contamination & phase separation, octane...
Complete alcohol fuel test kit includes fuel-tester, Quik-Check solution, collection/dispenser bottle, copper stand, E10 precautions and more.
Portable ethanol fuel testing kits are a simple solution to protect gas-powered engines from too high alcohol content in gasoline.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
Fuel-Testers Company: View contact information - The original AFTK and exclusive dealer of Quik-Check solution for ethanol gas testing.
An Alcohol Fuel Test Kit will give you the reliable results you need
to determine if gas at the pump and/or in your gas tank is safe.
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Ethanol Fuel Test Kit with E10 sample and use of Quik Check blue solution.
Order online or call/email for invoice. All credit cards and Paypal are accepted.
Examples of Test Results:

E10 fuel sample (jar) and fuel tester, with use of 1 drop quik check indicator solution:

Quik Checkô solution is available only from Fuel-Testers/MLR Solutions -
Instantly reveals gas alcohol and water content (bright blue).

Gas sample tested that does not contain alcohol or water.
Blue QC solution drops to bottom, gas (and other oil-based liquids such as additives) will remain yellow.  (Sample does not turn blue).

QCS is ideal for testing gas at pumps that do not have an E10 sticker label, and to confirm marine grade fuel is alcohol and water free.

View more product and test result images.

Test results: Gasoline that contains ethanol alcohol will turn bright blue when QCS solution is added.
Gas tested with quikcheck that does not contain alcohol or water.
Test results: Gasoline that does NOT contain ethanol, alcohol or water.

Ethanol Alcohol Fuel Test Kits
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Deluxe Test Kit: AFTK-D
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Fuel test kit and quik-check is simple + easy.  View Instructions for Use.

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Ship cost estimates:
Depending on your location, orders shipped internationally from our NJ or NY office start at about $25.00 (1-2 test kits). Shipping more kits adds only a small additional charge.

Examples (approximate S/H cost Priority USPS mail - typically 5-10 day transit.):
Canada/Mexico: (1 to 2 kits)=$27.00-$29.00   (10 kits)= $40.00-$46.00
Australia:  (1 to 2 kits)=$38.00-$41.00 (10 kits)= $65.00-$70.00   Germany: (1 to 2 kits)=$36.25 to $40.00

Note: By request, we can ship by first class mail at lower cost, but will take longer 2-3 weeks in transit.

All items included in complete test kits are available individually: Fuel-testers, Quik-Checkô Solution, Dispenser Bottles, Tester Stands and More...
Product Code: AFTK15D  -BEST VALUE-

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Alcohol Fuel Test Kits: AFTK
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