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Quik Check solution instantly reveals alcohol/water in fuel.
Quick and easy alcohol/water fuel test kits will help you to safely manage E10 gasoline.
Fuel Testers supplies the knowledge and resources you need to protect your engines from ethanol-blend fuels - Auto, Marine, Aircraft....
Ethanol alcohol, a renewable reformulated fuel, supports the farming industry and decreases U.S. dependence on foreign fuels.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
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Test Gas with Quik-Check or a Fueltester:

Quik-Check: Just one drop will instantly determine if gas contains alcohol or water.
A simple solution for those who own engines that were not designed to run on ethanol blends of fuel.

Ethanol Fuel Test Kit: Fuel-tester reveals percent ethanol in gasoline.
Available in complete kit (AFTK) or Fueltesters (FT) can be ordered individually.
Quik-Check results - Picture gas with and without ethanol alcohol.

Right: Non-ethanol gas (no alcohol or water) - Blue Quik-Check drop settles to bottom.

Left: Quik-Check reveals gas contaminated with alcohol and water (blue).
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Engine Manufacturer E10 Fuel Warnings

Ethanol Fuel Test Kit with E10 sample and use of Quik Check blue solution.
Right: Fresh E10 gasoline- Quik-Check turns sample turquoise blue.

Left: Fuel-tester reveals 10% ethanol (blue at bottom).
Read first:  Manufacturer Fuel Recommendations

Examples of formal warnings and precautions issued by major engine manufacturer companies regarding E10 gasoline use.

- Marine, Automobiles, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles, ATV's, Snowmobiles, Lawn and Gas Powered Equipment -

Marine - Boats

Bombardier - "Never use fuel containing alcohol...".  (1), see note.

Mercury Marine -  "We do not recommend the use of gasoline which contains alcohol because of the possible adverse effect the alcohol may have on the fuel system...may cause the following problems: corrosion of metal parts, deterioration of plastic parts, damage of internal parts, starting and operating difficulties, and water lock.". (1), see note.

Nissan -  "Gasoline containing alcohol may cause: wear and damage to bearings, cams, pistons and piston gears, corrosion of metal parts, deterioration of rubber and plastic parts, idling and performance problems.". (1)

Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) - "Alcohol attracts and holds moisture that can cause corrosion of metallic parts in the fuel system and can cause engine performance problems.". (OMC was acquired by BRP Bombardier Recreational Products at the end of 2003). (1)

Pleasurecraft Engine Group - "Gasoline containing alcohol is not recommended for use in your engine and may cause the following: hard starting and operating difficulties, corrosion of metal parts, excessive wear and damage to internal engine parts, fuel permeation through flexible fuel lines, and deterioration of some nonmetallic parts.". (1), see note.

Suzuki - "Suzuki highly recommends that you use alcohol-free unleaded gasoline whenever possible...". (1) see note.

* Note: Marine data listed above from report in 2003 by Ethanol RFA and Herman & Associates, www.hermanassociates.com, Washington DC - THE LEADER IN MOTOR FUEL REGULATION.  Since then (2004 to Present) almost all marine manufacturers now allow use of E10 fuel, although several still issue strong warnings against it's use and/or specific precautions necessary.

Ethanol Alcohol Fuel Test Kits
MLR Solutions
Manufacturer Ethanol in Gas
Fuel Warnings

Ferrari - "...we suggest that our customers not use alcohol fuel in our vehicles.". (1)

Hyundai - "If your engine develops driveability problems, the use of 100% unleaded gasoline is recommended.". (1)

Kia - "Discontinue using gasahol of any kind if driveability problems occur...". (1)

Porsche - "...change to a different fuel or station if any of the following problems occur: deteriation of driveability and performance, substantially reduced fuel economy, vapor lock, and engine malfunction or stalling".(1)

Volkswagen/Audi - "If you experience a loss of fuel economy or driveability and performance problems due to the use of [ethanol blends], we recommend that you switch to unblended fuel.". (1)


Ducati - "Additives to fuel or lubricants are not allowed.". (1)

Harley Davidson - "You may find that some [ethanol] gasoline blends affect the starting, driveability, or fuel efficiency of your motorcycle. If you experience one or more of these problems, it is recommended you operate your motorcycle on straight unleaded gasoline.". (1)

Suzuki - "If you are not satisfied with the driveability or fuel economy with your motorcycle when you are using an oxygenated fuel, you should switch back to regular unleaded gasoline.". (1)

Lawn Equipment

Ariens (EZR Easy Turn Mower) - "DO NOT use gasohol or gasoline containing alcohol. Alcohol will cause internal parts to deteriorate.". (1)
2011 Ariens Commercial Mower Warranty now states: "Use of gasoline blends exceeding 10% ethanol voids any and all warranties..."

Murray (Lawn Tractor) - "A mixture of alcohol and gasoline will attract moisture and cause acid deposits during storage.". (1)

Poulan (Chain Saw) - Quote, "Experience indicates that alcohol blended fuels can attract moisture which leads to fuel mixture separation and formation of acids during storage.". (1)

Sears (Craftsman Tiller) - "Experience indicates that alcohol blended fuels can attract moisture which leads to fuel mixture separation and formation of acids during storage.". (1)

Briggs and Stratton - "Some fuels are gasoline blended with alcohols or ethers. Excessive amounts of these blends can damage the fuel system or cause performance problems. If any undesirable operating conditions occur, use gasoline with a lower percentage of alcohol or ether.". (1)

Small Gas-Powered Equipment

Generac Power Systems (Portable Power Generator) - "Alcohol blended fuels can attract moisture which leads to separation and formation of acids during storage.". (1)

Recreational Vehicles,  ATV's, Snowmobiles
Will be added soon.

(1) Data from Ethanol RFA, Renewable Fuel Association reports published between 2003-2006.
Request Full Report (PDF File) -  Include engine brand name, year and model.
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