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Portable ethanol fuel testing kits are a simple solution to protect gas-powered engines from too high alcohol content in gasoline.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
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Caution: E10 fuel type contains alcohol (ethanol), which is a strong solvent and attracts water.
An Alcohol Fuel Test Kit and Quik-Check will give you the reliable results you need
to determine if gas at the pump and/or in your gas tank is safe.
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Ethanol Fuel Test Kit with E10 sample and use of Quik Check blue solution.
We accept most credit cards, paypal, cash and more. order online or call/email for invoice.
Fresh gasoline sample, that does not contain ethanol or water.
Fuel-Testers and is a division of MLR Solutions.

Fuel-Tester Results
LEFT: No alcohol/ethanol.
RIGHT: 10% Ethanol Alcohol.
Quik-Check Results
Gas does NOT contain alcohol/water.
Fuel remains yellow, blue QC solution drops to bottom of sample (not absorbed).
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When you have an urgent order and our offices are closed our genuine/original test kits can be purchased directly from several thousand shops (engine sales, repairs, mechanics, etc.) in the U.S. and several countires (Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and others).
By choice we currently do not stock our products at large retail chains because we believe sellers/dealers should be knowledgeable about ethanol-gas problems and solutions, and able to offer support when needed.
To be added to our dealer list: Contact Us - (Minimal requirements other than availability of 5 kits in stock at all times, plus availability of our ethanol literature and ability to offer factual "ethanol in gas" information, knowledge and support).

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   - We offer a lifetime guarantee for fuel-testers (test tube).

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