Fuel-Testers supplies testing equipment and information to protect your engines from ethanol gas problems - Auto, Marine, Aircraft...
Portable ethanol fuel testing kits are a simple solution to protect gas-powered engines from ethanol-caused problems.
Portable ethanol fuel testing kits are a simple solution to protect gas-powered engines from too high alcohol content in gasoline.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
Read about engine effects from varying levels of alcohol content in fuel,.
An Alcohol Fuel Test Kit will give you the results you need
to determine if gas at pump and in tank is safe.

  • Very Concentrated - Only 1 drop necessary to quickly reveal presence of alcohol and water in gasoline, fuel or oil sample. 
  • For use with all types of gasoline and oil-based liquids, includes ethanol-free E0, aircraft and kerosene, marine, diesel, racing, recreational fuels and more.
  • Very helpful to quickly check at gas pump, to avoid purchase of gasoline contaminated with water or alcohol.
  • May also be used for filtering out alcohol + water from contaminated fuel. Visually, when all alcohol + H20 removed, sample will no longer appear blue.

VIEW Sample Testing Images Below.
Gas Test results: Left=No ethanol; Right= 6% ethanol (quik-check solution turns ethanol bright blue).
Gas tested with quikcheck that does not contain alcohol or water.
When gas does not contain alcohol/water, blue quik-check solution settles at bottom.
Gas test results: Fresh E10 Gasoline, Quik-Check Solution turns sample positive bright blue-turquoise color.
Quik-Checkô Solution 15ml
Product Code: QCS15
=450 drops/tests
Sale Price=$14.95 ea.

Complete alcohol fuel test kit includes fuel-tester, collection/dispenser bottle, E10 precautions and more.

For instant results + ability to verify exact percent of ethanol, order our DELUXE complete Alcohol Fuel Test Kit.

Deluxe kit shown (right)- Product Code AFTK-D:
Includes fuel-tester test tube (reveals percent ethanol), copper stand, large 15ml (450 drops/tests) Quik-Checkô Solution, Dispenser bottle with squirt tip (for easy transfer and disposal of fuel) + more.
Examples of Gas Test Results:

Protect your engine from gas contaminated with water and excess alcohol .

Quik-Checkô Indicator Solution
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Quik-Check Solution
CLICK ON BUY NOW BUTTON TO ORDER.  *Size available online: 15ml (best value).

QCS is VERY concentrated. Use 1-2 drops for up to 1 pint sample.
Quik-Checkô Solution Bottle: Packaged in resealable bag with nitrile gloves + detailed instructions.

1ml=30 drops/tests. 15 ml Dropper Bottle=450 drops/tests.  10 ml=300 drops/tests. 6 ml=180 drops/tests.
* Contact us for other bottle sizes available off-line.

Fresh E10 gas (no water) appears turquoise blue
when tested with Quik-Checkô.
Sample (left) does not contain alcohol, 0%.
Sample (right) contains alcohol (blue) 10%.
FUEL-TESTER TEST for percent alcohol:
Left-->without quik-check; Right with quik-check 1 drop.
Gas checked with Quik-Checkô - No alcohol or water.
Blue QC solution drops to bottom, gas remains yellow;
Fuel sample does not turn blue.
QCS is for use with fuel-tester (complete test kit) and/or
can be used alone to instantly verify gasoline is ethanol and water-free.

Note: Even very small amounts of alcohol and water in tank will reveal a positive result.
We recommend purchase of a complete kit or individual fuel-tester with QCS, so that when results are positive, transferring fuel sample to fuel-tester will reveal alcohol percent:

- If 0% alcohol reading you know positive (blue) result is due to water;
If tester reveals alcohol (2%, 5%, 10% etc.) most likely the quik-check positive is due to alcohol (can be due to both alcohol and water).
When fuel is contaminated with water it always will appear cloudy/hazy (not clear) and may also be phase-separated (2 or 3 distinct separate) layers on visualization.

Exclusive product created by Fuel-Testers Company in 2006. Not available in retail stores. Beware of imitations that are ususally just a bottle of cheap food coloring dye, which is inaccurate and will contaminate your fuel system.
Quik-Check Indicator Solution -10ml bottle shown=300drops/tests. Fuel-Testers-Company
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Gas Test results: Left=No ethanol; Right= 6% ethanol (quik-check solution turns ethanol bright blue).
Just 1 drop QCS
reveals a bright blue result.
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