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Ethanol alcohol, a renewable reformulated fuel, supports the farming industry and decreases U.S. dependence on foreign fuels.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
Manufacturer Fuel Recommendations:
Snowmobiles & ATVs
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2009-IMPORTANT:  Ethanol alcohol is now blended into most gasoline sold at public pumps.

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Image below is Page 1 of 7 of "2003 Recreational Vehicle Fuel Recommendations".
Report by Herman & Associates. (See company description and disclaimer below).

Page 1 (below) includes Artic Cat Snowmobiles and Bombardier Quest All Terrain Vehicles (ATV);

See Page (2): Bombardier Seadoo Jet Ski, Seadoo Snowmobile and Honda Fourtrax, Foreman FM, TRX450FM ATV;  
Page (3):   Aquatrax
Page (4):   Kawasaki        
Page (5):   Polaris
Page (6):  Suzuki
Page (7):   Yamaha

Report abnormal test results and/or problems with ethanol fuels.

REPORT abnormal test results and problems with ethanol fuels.
Manufacturer Fuel Recommendations
Snowmobiles and ATV's        
Fuel-Testers - E10 Warnings & Precautions

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QUIK-CHECK Solution and Kit -
Instantly checks gas for alcohol & water.
E10 gas test with fuel-tester and Quik Check solution (blue) instantly reveals alcohol & water in gas.
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       Fuel-Tester with Quik-Check Solution (blue).                                                Fuel-Tester on left non-ethanol conventional gas.
               Jar on right show GOOD E10 gas with 1 drop QC blue solution.                                         Fuel-Tester on right 10% ethanol E10 (blue).
13 states and DC do NOT label pump when ethanol is added.
Review E10 gas precautions to safely manage ethanol-blend fuels.
13 states and DC do NOT label pump when ethanol is added.
Read about possible engine damage caused by E10 gas...
Disclaimer:  Fuel-Testers, a division of MLR Solutions has no affiliation or personal or business relationship with the author, Herman & Associates, Renewable Fuel Association or any other company or organization listed in the attached report.   While we deem the information to be useful and reliable, we do not endorse, support or guarantee, and may not necessarily agree the information contained herein.
Herman & Associates is a Washington-based consulting firm specializing in energy and environmental issues. The firm's clients include major refiners, chemical companies, trade associations, and oxygenate producers and marketers. The firm's president, Marilyn J. Herman is a widely recognized expert in the field of petroleum products and air quality regulations and has held various senior positions within the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). More information on Herman & Associates can be found here: http://www.hermanassociates.com/

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