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Simply put, ethanol is an excellent SOLVENT (dissolves plastic, rubber, fiberglass and more), CLEANSER, DRYING AGENT and unlike MTBE ethanol will ABSORB WATER, which can cause serious problems to some engines.

Example(s): Ethanol will dissolve resins that create a black sludge that coats and travels through the engine, causing engine stalling and complications, including clogged fuel filters, carburetor jets and injectors.  Ethanol burns at higher temp causing damage to pistons. Ethanol dries out and disintegrates many rubber and plastic parts and hoses in engine.  Ethanol will release rust, debris, sediment (just about anything that has accumulated in engine) and release this gunk - clogging and damaging many engine components and filters.
Read about Engine Problems/Damage from Ethanol, E10 Engine Precautions , Marine Info. and more...
Fuel Testers supplies the knowledge and resources you need to protect your engines from ethanol-blend fuels - Auto, Marine, Aircraft....
Fuel Testers provides information and gas alcohol test kits to manage E10 ethanol blend renewable fuels.
Ethanol alcohol, a renewable reformulated fuel, supports the farming industry and decreases U.S. dependence on foreign fuels.
"If you are going to believe, know why you believe
and back it up with something...".

View more resources to learn the facts of ethanol fuels.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
Know Your State Ethanol Laws

- Fuel-Up and Know Your State's Renewable & Alternative Energy Policies -

Everyday we receive requests for fuel laws from the public.  Supplying this information is time-consuming since fuel laws are constantly changing and energy policies are different in each state.

The Federal government and EPA issues policies, requirements and guidelines that must be adhered to; But the fuel/energy laws that affect consumers the most are determined and enacted by each individual state.

With volumes of information to sort and condense it will take time to include the most important information on this website.
In time we hope to complete a separate page for each and every state.

Know Both Federal & State Laws...

There's lots of exciting news going on right now regarding the development of future energy sources, that will offer many advantages.
The U.S. is finally realizing that conventional gasoline needs to be replaced with something else.  We can no longer ignore the drawbacks of petroleum - Including pollution, emissions, dependence on foreign countries, rising cost, etc.

In the meantime consumers must be aware of the specific ethanol (renewable, reformulated, oxygenating) gasoline laws for their area -

Federal and state laws have changed significantly regarding ethanol, during the transition from MTBE to Ethanol for fuel oxygenation.

E10 Sticker Labeling Laws

The Federal government (EPA) Standards do NOT require labeling when ethanol alcohol is added to fuel.

Each state decides whether or not to label gas pumps with an E10 sticker.
Only 8 states always label to inform and warn customers that gas contains alcohol. About 13 states do NOT require E10 pump labels to inform and warn consumers that gasoline contains ethanol alcohol...

The states that do NOT require labeling gas pump with an E10 sticker include:
California, District of Columbia - DC, Indiana - IN, Kansas - KS, Kentucky - KY, Maryland - MD, Michigan - MI, Minnesota - MN, Missouri - MO, Nevada - NV, New Jersey - NJ, New Hampshire - NH, Ohio - OH, Oklahoma - OK.
(North Carolina - NC House Bill 187 passed in 2011 now requires labeling but "not enforced".)

Page update in progress...Please return later or contact us for more information.
Report abnormal test results and/or problems with ethanol fuels.

REPORT abnormal test results and problems with ethanol fuels.
State-by-State Energy Laws & Policies
2011- Page update in progress. 052508 0900
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State Ethanol Fuel Laws

Get to know the companies and organizations involved in ethanol fuels;
Regulation, Education, Production, Distribution...
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Is alcohol added to the fuel in my area? What precautions are necessary with E10?
Which gas additives are safe with E10? Who wants or needs ethanol-free pure-gas?

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Current e-NEWS:

- Mercury Marine releases study - A blend of 15 percent ethanol and gasoline caused so much damage to boat engines during a government-funded study that the testing of two of three motor types ended early.
- Watch out for the Open Fuel Standard Act (OFS) which would require 95 percent of new automobiles by 2017 to run on NON-petroleum fuel. = Mostly ETHANOL!
- Florida introduced legislation to repeal the state's mandate for 9 to 10 percent ethanol.  Many changes taking place in all states, both pro and anti-ethanol.

Worth Quoting: "Sadly, EPA abandoned its true mission and became both the Environmental Politics Agency and the Ethanol Promotion Agency. " Charles T. Drevna, president of NPRA, the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association in Article: Is the EPA protecting you or the ethanol lobby?

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What is ethanol fuel?
When did ethanol start being added to gas?
E10 - Decreased MPG and Increased Cost
Is alcohol added to the fuel in my area?
What laws changed gas to an alcohol-blend?
What precuations are necessary?
Is it true that E10 is not safe for marine engines?

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